How do I design a logo?

So you're embarking on a new venture and looking for a fresh design to identify your business? A logo that represents you well is critical to building your brand, because it forms that first impression and communicates so much consciously and subconsciously. There are heaps of aspects to branding, but let's talk about the logo first. 

The design process for a logo is tailored towards the client - ranging from those who approach with a clear idea of what they want, to others have no clue! The process can be adjusted depending on complexity and budget. This article goes through the process for both scenarios. 

Starting from scratch

BRIEFING. First, we need to have a chat about what your business is about, your values, characteristics and who your target clients are. What would you like to get out of the design? How will you be using the logo in the future? 

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT. Then I will do some research and develop some potential designs. Usually I present three initial concepts. 

REFINEMENT. After you choose one concept to develop further, I will refine the logo at your request and send the final logo for approval. There may be another round of refinement if required. 

PACKAGE. Once approved, I will send a package of files in the relevant file formats, in colour and greyscale. 

ROLL-OUT. The logo is now yours to use! If you'd like, we can discuss the design of some other applications for the logo - perhaps a business card, letterhead, brochure, menu, T-shirts... 



Lipmann provides commodity trading and advisory services for customers based in China, with suppliers from around the world. The company is about opportunity and limitless potential. The client wanted something impactful yet simple. 

Aside from the obvious use of the initial, the logo also represents a square with two boundaries removed. The upward slanting edges suggest dynamic growth. Red was a bold colour and in this case particularly suitable for the Chinese market. Research into competitor companies showed a tendency towards using blues and greens, so this logo will definitely set Lipmann apart.  

Concept Development

Refinement stage

Already have an idea? 

If you already know what you want and just need someone to turn it from a sketch on a napkin into a useable file, the process is much simpler. Just send me an image of your design, and I will format it for you! 

Sometimes you have an idea you can't put down on paper - that's ok too! Let's have a chat and see if we can work it out!



The client wanted to refresh his dental practice and has a rough idea of what he would like the logo to look like. His concept was to use the grooves in the top of the molar tooth to suggest a smile. He sent me a rough drawing made using Paint and I developed several options: 

  1. A near-exact conversion of the image to standard logo file formats. 
  2. A refined version of the image. 
  3. Two alternatives using the same concept of a smile in the tooth. 

After consulting with his staff members, he decided on the refined version, but with a couple of refinements. Once changes were approved, I prepared the file package in colour and greyscale. Tada! 

L: the original file, the conversion, refined version and two alternatives. 
R: the final set of logos in colour, greyscale and monotone.