Sweet Dreams: The Design Process

There is often a lot more to a design than meets the eye, with a lot of behind-the-scenes experimentation. 

This brief was to design the poster and identity for a horror film festival, including the name of the festival. I developed some posters, tickets and invitations to show the concept would roll out across the festival. 

I started with some brainstorming and quick thumbnails (click image above to enlarge), before deciding on the name "Sweet Dreams". It was a toss-up between having little teeth hanging off a tree like a child's mobile, or cupcakes with blood dripping off them, so I explored both. 

The tree idea had a quiet, eerie look, but I wanted something more gory and impactful. So I consulted a baking extraordinaire friend, and made the most grotesque cupcakes I have ever seen. This was more like it. 

The final result can be seen here